Jan 25, 2020

Business Insider

FM Co-Founder: Op-Ed on how Democrats don’t have to choose

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve traveled across the country meeting with some of the biggest donors in Democratic politics. As the leader of an organization working to win Democratic control of statehouses ahead of redistricting, it has been my job to urge our party’s biggest funders to not fall into the same trap Democrats that fell into in 2010.

That year Democrats collectively sat on our hands while Republicans invested roughly $30 million into down ballot races, won control of two-thirds of state legislatures across the country, and gerrymandered themselves into dozens of congressional seats for the next decade.

Nevertheless, many of our party’s biggest funders have repeatedly told me that they are singularly focused on defeating Trump this election and won’t invest in other efforts. That’s a major problem for the future of the Democratic Party, the future of our democracy and the future of our country.

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