Republicans have long understood the power of state legislatures, and where they have strategically invested for more than 40 years. In contrast, Democrats have treated state legislatures as an afterthought.

Winning where it counts requires a new approach. Our 10-year strategy includes three pillars designed to build advantage and Democratic performance in the elusive districts that are the lynchpin of power.


Voter registration is one of the most potent tools for electoral change. But, it has failed to reach the heart of the state legislative battleground. Somewhat shockingly, the vast majority of voter registration field programs are not happening in suburban turf. Our 2022 pilot programs in battleground districts registering those voters outperformed expectations. Forward Majority’s groundbreaking Battleground Voter Project aims to register 200,000 untapped suburban voters in the 2024 election cycle.


Through extensive experimentation and testing, we know our programs to be some of the most effective in the field. We have doubled down on our campaign talent, data and innovation to drive Democratic margin, win key races, and put a check on Republican efforts to subvert democracy.


Democratic legislative candidates typically communicate with voters for just two months out of every 24-month election cycle. This is exacerbated by right-wing propaganda and disinformation, increasingly inundating these races. To compete, we are building experimental approaches to long-term persuasion and narrative-building with key, must-win audiences in our targeted races.

For Power

Reclaiming critical footholds of power to protect democracy requires a long-term, strategic approach to the state legislative battleground – focused on neglected priorities and geographies.

We are fighting for near-term gains and holds, while making longer-term investments despite the precarious outlook for Democrats in the years ahead. Our Blueprint for Power includes states that will be essential to national Democratic wins, paired with investments designed to seed the ground to increase the probability of chamber-flips and to accelerate the timeline of progress.

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State legislatures are setting the agenda, and our urgent work is happening on the ground NOW.

Winning is possible – but it requires us all to act.