Research and analysis

  • June 2023

    Texas Trends Analysis

    Presentation slides from a briefing regarding how our ten-year trend analysis shapes Texas’ political future.
  • September 2022

    Macro Trends Analysis

    Earlier this year, Forward Majority set out to do something that Democrats rarely do: think strategically about long-term power-building.  We conducted a robust quantitative forecasting analysis of macro trends to understand the state legislative districts that are likely to be the ‘tipping points’ that determine majorities in 2030.  The...
  • April 2022

    January/February 2021

    Forward Majority Action and Everytown for Gun Safety commissioned a qualitative study conducted by Lake Research Partners that examined ticket-splitters, “new” Democrats and Persuasion Hispanic voters in Texas. The... Read More
  • March 2021

    Ten Year Trend Analysis

    In the spring of 2021 we undertook a project of understanding the coming changes in the electoral landscape. The goal of this project was to identify places where Democrats... Read More