Aug 14, 2020

The Wall Street Journal

Democratic Fundraising for Top-Tier Races Masks Downballot Problems

Democratic fundraising for top-tier races has turned Republican-held seats in the House and Senate into battlegrounds. But the party continues to lag badly behind their GOP counterparts in fundraising for downballot races in states that are crucial to the party’s long-term success, especially in a redistricting year. Democratic state legislature candidates were outraised in 15 of 18 target seats in Texas, where they hope to break the GOP’s total control of state government. In Florida, Democrats raised just 30% of what Republicans raised in 23 targeted statehouse races, according to an analysis by Forward Majority, a progressive group focused on state races. “Resources and attention continue to be concentrated on the top of the ticket and don’t trickle down,” said Vicky Hausman, co-founder of the group.

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