Mar 9, 2018


Republicans have dominated state races for years. A new liberal Super PAC wants to change that.

Forward Majority is deploying a tactic that conservative groups have used for years: opposition research.

A liberal Super PAC, Forward Majority, is digging up dirt on hundreds of incumbent Republicans running in local races across the country, deploying opposition research to try to improve Democrats’ dismal numbers in state legislatures in 2018.

Co-founded by David Cohen, a top Obama 2008 official, Forward Majority entered the political field last year during the Virginia elections, running ad campaigns in 16 state legislative races (Democratic candidates won 12 of those).

“What we found in Virginia is that these state legislators, many who have been in office for years, are some of the most unvetted people in American politics,” Cohen told Vox. “In that sense, oppo has an important role to play in helping voters understand who represents them.”

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