Jul 27, 2022


How Democrats Can Kneecap the Supreme Court’s Next Attack on Democracy | Opinion

Amid the Supreme Court‘s recent onslaught of controversial decisions, one alarming order went relatively unnoticed. The justices announced that they will hear Moore v. Harper in their next term, potentially triggering a series of events that could very well upend the cornerstone of democracy: free and fair elections.

On its face, Moore v. Harper, concerned with a redistricting dispute in North Carolina, seems relatively innocuous, but its potential consequences are chilling. At the core of this case is a right-wing, fringe legal theory that could empower Trump-aligned state lawmakers to overrule the will of voters in the 2024 presidential election and send hand-picked electors to the Electoral College.

Considering that no fewer than four Supreme Court justices—Samuel Alito, Neil GorsuchBrett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas—expressed support for the dangerous theory at the heart of this case as recently as March 2022, the threat is real. When the Supreme Court validates this theory—and they will—Republican state lawmakers will essentially have a roadmap to steal the election.

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