Jun 3, 2024

NBC News

Democratic group targets Texas state House races, seeking to take advantage of GOP feuds

The national Democratic super PAC Forward Majority plans to spend more than $2 million on Texas state House races this year, the group’s officials told NBC News, as they seek to take advantage of Republican infighting to cut into the party’s advantage in the chamber.

The group said ongoing feuds in the state — with leading Texas Republicans and former President Donald Trump campaigning against the party’s incumbent lawmakers who voted to impeach state Attorney General Ken Paxton or against Gov. Greg Abbott’s school voucher program — are pushing the GOP’s candidates to the right and creating an opening for Democrats in the traditionally red state.

Forward Majority initially plans to spend money on ads, mailers and other efforts to register and turn out voters in three to five state House districts ahead of the November election. They are considering 10 Texas districts, primarily in suburban areas, for the investment.