Dec 14, 2017


Forward Majority helped Dems take 12 seats from Republicans

Democrats picked up 12 House of Delegates races in Virginia tonight, thanks in part to Forward Majority — a super PAC that launched in September to help Democrats regain some of the nearly 1,000 state legislature seats they’ve lost to Republicans in the past decade. The group spent $1 million on the ad campaigns throughout Virginia.

Why it matters: The innovative digital strategies and money invested by Forward Majority are rarely used in hyper local races like the 16 state legislature seats they assisted Democrats in during this year’s election — and in today’s election results, it suggests the strategies are working.

David Cohen, Forward Majority co-founder and former Obama campaign senior staffer, said the races Forward Majority helped Democrats win in Virginia were “thought to be unwinnable” because of the Republican stronghold.Forward Majority ran ad campaigns in 16 races throughout Virginia. Democrats won 12 of those races.

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