Target States.

Forward Majority Action is excited to be supporting Democratic candidates across several key targeted states. See each state below for information about that state's program.



Updated 10/27/2022

Target Districts

District Democratic Nominee Chamber
21 Elaine Marzola House
29 Lesley E. Cohen House
35 Michelle Gorelow House
41 Sandra Jauregui House
8 Marilyn Dondero Loop Senate
12 Julie Pazina Senate


Starting the week of 10/11 Forward Majority Action Nevada will be running all the spots below on a variety of digital platforms. We will be targeting voters with midterm turnout score >5, middle-partisans 20-80 plus a cohort segment including partisanship 15-85 for women voters aged 45 to 74.

AD21: Fringe
AD21: Divisive

AD29: Divisive
AD29: Divisive v2

AD35: Divisive
AD35: Fringe

AD41: Agenda
AD41: Weak

SD8: Divisive
SD8: Fringe

SD12: Agenda
SD12: Weak


We will be mailing voters with midterm turnout score >5, middle partisans roughly ranged 20-75.

Mail Piece 1 (Dropping around 10/5)

NV-M01-AD21 NV-M01-AD29 NV-M01-AD35 NV-M01-AD41 NV-M01-SD8 NV-M01-SD12

Mail Piece 2 (Dropping around 10/17)

NV-M02-AD21 NV-M02-AD29 NV-M02-AD35pdf NV-M02-AD41 NV-M02-SD8 NV-M02-SD12

Mail Piece 3 (Dropping around 10/21)

NV-M03-AD21 NV-M03-AD29 NV-M03-AD35 NV-M03-AD41 NV-M03-SD8 NV-M03-SD12

Mail Piece 4 (Dropping around 10/25)

NV-M04-AD21 NV-M04-AD29 NV-M04-AD35 NV-M04-AD41 NV-M04-SD8 NV-M04-SD12

Mail Piece 5 (Dropping around 10/28)

NV-M05-AD21 NV-M05-AD29 NV-M05-AD35 NV-M05-AD41 NV-M05-SD8 NV-M05-SD12