Target States.

Forward Majority Action is excited to be supporting Democratic candidates across several key targeted states. See each state below for information about that state's program.



Updated 10/27/2022

Target Districts

District Democratic Nominee Chamber
4 Darrin Camilleri Senate
9 Padma Kuppa Senate
11 Veronica Klinefelt Senate
12 (New target) Kevin Hertel Senate
22 Matt Koleszar House
30 David LaGrand Senate
31 Reggie Miller House
35 Kristen McDonald Rivet Senate
38 Joey Andrews House
44 Jim Haadsma* House
48 Jennifer Conlin House
54 Shadia Martini House
55 Patricia Bernard House
61 Denise Mentzer House
76 Angela Witwer House
83 John Fitzgerald House
84 Carol Glanville House
103 Betsy Coffia House
109 Jenn Hill House


Starting the week of 10/11 Forward Majority Action Michigan will be running all of the spots below on a variety of digital platforms. We will be targeting voters with midterm turnout score >5, middle-partisans 45-55 plus a cohort segment including partisanship 30-70 for women aged 45 to 74 or voters falling in GrowProgress values clusters 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7.

HD22: Boss
HD22: Freedom
HD31: Agenda
HD31: Freedom
HD38: Pockets
HD38: Freedom
HD44: Agenda
HD44: Freedom
HD48: Boss
HD48: Stream
HD54: Agenda 
HD54: Freedom
HD55: Agenda
HD55: Freedom
HD61: Agenda
HD61: Freedom
HD76: Agenda
HD76: Freedom
HD83: Agenda
HD83: Freedom
HD84: Agenda
HD84: Freedom
HD103: Pockets
HD103: Boss
HD109: Agenda
HD109: Freedom
SD4: Stream
SD4: Boss
SD9: Boss
SD9: Stream
SD9: Freedom
SD11: Stream
SD11: Boss
SD12: Stream
SD30: Stream
SD30: Boss
SD35: Agenda
SD35: Freedom


We will be mailing voters with a midterm turnout score >5, middle partisans roughly ranged 30-60.

Mail Piece 1 (Dropping around 10/5)

MI-M01-HD22 MI-M01-HD31 MI-M01-HD38 MI-M01-HD44 MI-M01-HD46 MI-M01-HD48 MI-M01-HD54 MI-M01-HD55 MI-M01-HD61 MI-M01-HD76 MI-M01-HD83 MI-M01-HD84 MI-M01-HD103 MI-M01-HD109 MI-M01-SD4 MI-M01-SD9 MI-M01-SD11 MI-M01-SD30 MI-M01-SD35

Mail Piece 2 (Dropping around 10/17)

MI-M02-SD11 MI-M02-SD30 MI-M02-SD35 MI-M02-HD103 MI-M02-HD109 MI-M02-SD4 MI-M02-SD9 MI-M02-HD76 MI-M02-HD83 MI-M02-HD84 MI-M02-HD48 MI-M02-HD54 MI-M02-HD55 MI-M02-HD61 MI-M02-HD22 MI-M02-HD31 MI-M02-HD38 MI-M02-HD44

Mail Piece 3 (Dropping around 10/21)

MI-M03-HD22 MI-M03-HD31 MI-M03-HD38 MI-M03-HD44 MI-M03-HD48 MI-M03-HD54 MI-M03-HD55 MI-M03-HD61 MI-M03-HD76 MI-M03-HD83 MI-M03-HD84 MI-M03-HD103 MI-M03-HD109 MI-M03-SD4 MI-M03-SD9 MI-M03-SD11 MI-M03-SD30 MI-M03-SD35

Mail Piece 4 (Dropping around 10/25)

MI-M04-HD22 MI-M04-HD31 MI-M04-HD38 MI-M04-HD44 MI-M04-HD48 MI-M04-HD54 MI-M04-HD55 MI-M04-HD61 MI-M04-HD76 MI-M04-HD83 MI-M04-HD84 MI-M04-HD103 MI-M04-HD109 MI-M04-SD4 MI-M04-SD9 MI-M04-SD11 MI-M04-SD30 MI-M04-SD35

Mail Piece 5 (Dropping around 10/28)

MI-M05-Back MI-M05-HD22 MI-M05-HD31 MI-M05-HD38 MI-M05-HD44 MI-M05-HD48 MI-M05-HD54 MI-M05-HD55 MI-M05-HD61 MI-M05-HD76 MI-M05-HD83 MI-M05-HD84 MI-M05-HD103 MI-M05-HD109 MI-M05-SD4 MI-M05-SD9 MI-M05-SD11 MI-M05-SD30 MI-M05-SD35