Target States.

Forward Majority Action is excited to be supporting Democratic candidates across several key targeted states. See each state below for information about that state's program.



Updated 10/27/2022

Target Districts

State District Democratic Nominee Chamber
Arizona 2 Judy Schwiebert House
Arizona 4 Laura Terech House
Arizona 9 Lorena Austin
Seth Blattman
Arizona 13 Jennifer Pawlik House
Arizona 4 Christine Marsh Senate
Arizona 9 Eva Burch Senate
Arizona 13 Cindy Hans Senate
Arizona 22 Eva Diaz Senate



Starting the week of 10/11 Forward Majority Action Arizona will be running two spots in LD-22 targeting voters with turnout score >35 and partisanship >65, using the local model.


Starting the week of 10/11 Forward Majority Action Arizona will be running all of the spots below. We will be targeting voters with midterm turnout scores >5, middle-partisans 45-55 plus a cohort segment including partisanship 15-85 for women aged 45 to 74 or voters falling in GrowProgress values clusters 2, 3, or 7.







We will be mailing voters modeled as likely Latino voters with 20 to 80 partisanship and turnout all the way down to 5.

LD2: 10/14 AZ-LD2-Latino1
LD4: 10/17 AZ-LD4-Latino1
LD9: 10/17 AZ-LD9-Latino1
LD13: 10/17 AZ-LD13-Latino1

LD2: 10/26 AZ-LD2-Latino2
LD4: 10/24 AZ-LD4-Latino2
LD9: 10/24 AZ-LD9-Latino2
LD13: 10/24 AZ-LD13-Latino2

LD2: 10/31 AZ-LD2-Latino3
LD4: 10/31 AZ-LD4-Latino3
LD9: 10/28 AZ-LD9-Latino3
LD13: 10/27 AZ-LD13-Latino3


We will be mailing voters with midterm turnout score >5, middle partisans roughly ranging 25-70 (varies by district). (using a local model)

Mail Piece 1 (Dropping around 10/5)

AZ-M01-HD2 AZ-M01-HD4 AZ-M01-HD9A AZ-M01-HD9B AZ-M01-HD13 AZ-M01-HDSD9 AZ-M01-SD4 AZ-M01-SD13

Mail Piece 2 (Dropping around 10/17)

AZ-M02-HD2 AZ-M02-HD4 AZ-M02-HD9A AZ-M02-HD9B AZ-M02-HD13 AZ-M02-SD4 AZ-M02-SD9 AZ-M02-SD13

Mail Piece 3 (Dropping around 10/21)

AZ-M03-HD2 AZ-M03-HD4 AZ-M03-HD9A AZ-M03-HD9B AZ-M03-HD13 AZ-M03-SD4 AZ-M03-SD9 AZ-M03-SD13

Mail Piece 4 (Dropping around 10/25)

AZ-M04-HD2 AZ-M04-HD4 AZ-M04-HD9A AZ-M04-HD9B AZ-M04-HD13 AZ-M04-SD4 AZ-M04-SD9 AZ-M04-SD13

Mail Piece 5 (Dropping around 10/28)

AZ-M05-HD2 AZ-M05-HD4 AZ-M05-HD9A AZ-M05-HD9B AZ-M05-HD13 AZ-M05-SD4 AZ-M05-SD9 AZ-M05-SD13