Battleground Voter Project is a groundbreaking voter registration program to win Democratic power in the most consequential state legislatures by 2030.

Voter registration is one of the best tools to create long-term change in the fundamentals of the electorate.

Republican statehouses are laboratories of autocracy, with a recent tsunami of voter suppression laws and documented democratic backsliding. Democrats have made progress in winning back power, but the threat is real and relentless. BVP is part of Forward Majority’s larger, multi cycle strategic effort and is a new initiative to capture the enormous opportunity and deploy this essential intervention to win state legislative majorities.


Forward Majority’s analysis found more than 2 million likely Democratic voters in the heart of the state legislative battleground in suburban and exurban districts not traditionally targeted by civic engagement or voter registration efforts.


In 2022, we piloted a new model to register Democrats in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Texas – which outperformed all expectations.


The Battleground Voter Project’s goal is to invest $25M to collect at least 200,000 voter registrations in 2024 in the most competitive state legislative districts to secure Democratic wins up and down the ballot.


Across the full legislative battleground — there are ~85 tipping point districts across PA, MI, AZ, TX, GA, and NC that are the lynchpin of power through 2030.

This project aims to give Democrats a better chance of controlling the redistricting process in states that historically lie at the heart of Republican gerrymandering.

In 2024, these Democratic voters will also impact elections in 5 critical battleground states in the fight for the presidency, 13 competitive congressional districts in the path to flipping the US House, and 4 US Senate races.


In these unprecedented times of Congressional dysfunction, the historic fall of Roe amidst escalating abortion restrictions, and repeated attacks on our most fundamental freedoms, Democrats are at an inflection point that demands innovation.